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Sunday, January 14, 2007


WOW what a captain he was, i hope that everyone who watched this baby faced chubby cheecked young boy who started playing with a horrible hockey team over 20 years ago can understand what he did for the DETROIT REDWINGS and the city of DETROIT and for all of hockey. what a class act, when you look at most pro players in all sports [ not all ] you see people who are lifted above normal standards of living and they take advantage of it, not STEVIE, he just did his job, very well i might add. he took that team to the promise land three times, thank you. And then when he was done he thanked everyone else around him. My son works at J L A in DET. and told me that the night that his number was being lifted to the top of J L A there was not to many dry eyes in the house, what does that tell you about this great guy. For all of us who watched him grow up and play hockey in our town i hpoe you really enjoyed it because it will be a long time before you see anything like that again. I have to say it again, THANK YOU MR. STEVE YZERMAN.


Anonymous said...

yea stevie was a class act thats for sure. the guy has been the captian since the year that i was born. 1986. how many people can say that they have been the captian of a professional team for that long...yea not many... while working at joe lewis i have seen it all everything from fischer's accedent to the oilers ruining our presidents cup season in the 1st round of the playoffs last season, but nothing compares to doin a simple job of answering phones for JLA and hearing ken holland and stevie talk hockey in the room right next to me about a prospect from russia....thats a memory to remember thats for sure

Anonymous said...

no one will ever be better