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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

hockey fights, what happen to them ?

I sure do miss a good hockey fight, remember the days of BOB PROBERT, DOMI, GRIMSON, SIMON and all those great hockey fighters, well it's just a memory now. The new and improved NHL witch is still a great game is lacking something that all real hockey fans miss, FIGHTS. It's a real shame that i can't remember the last time i saw a FIGHT during a hockey game. The NHL thought the game would be better if they cleaned it up a little to make room for the more skilled players, well i remember a time when the skilled players played right along with the FIGHTERS and the skilled players still scored goals, HOWE,GRETSKY,YZERMAN and so on. It's to a point know that if a player looks the wrong way at another player or checks him a little to hard into the boards he gets put in the box. MICKEY REDMEN, one of the broadcast guys for the DETROIT REDWINGS made a comment one night during a game right after a penalty was called for a very weak holding call, he said that guys like PROBERT would have been ashamed, they would have got there monies worth before going to the box. I remember the fans going nuts when a FIGHT broke out and they still would, I really don't think fans would turn the channel or leave the game or cover there childs eyes until it was over, no, they would stand up and say kick his ass, some people might even take that twinkie out of there kids right hand and that ps2 control out of there left hand and say LOOK at this. But anyway i miss NHL hockey FIGHTS.

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Paul said...

Your definately right about the "new NHL". They're stopping the fights prematurely too often for me.